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Nike’s Stock Price Will Go Much Higher In 2018, This Is Why

It is almost 4 months ago that we first alerted our readers about a great low risk / high reward opportunity: Nike’s stock chart and fundamentals looked simply gorgeous! 2 months ago, we followed up, and confirmed this beautiful opportunity. Today it is official: Nike breaks out, and is off to the races. Because of this, Nike’s stock price (NKE) will go much higher in 2018.

This is what we wrote at the end of January of 2018, at at time when everyone panicked about the stock market sell off: Nike: A Great Stock That Looks Strongly Bullish In 2018. We analyzed the top level financial results of Nike, and they were outstanding. Moreover, it’s chart reflected the strong fundamentals, and we concluded with this (quote from the article):

Nike’s chart reflects its strong fundamentals. Essentially, we are looking at a breakout which took place in January of 2018. In plain simple terms, after the strong rally between 2013 and 2015, which took Nike’s price from $20 to $65, the stock took a rest of 2 years which is a very healthy situation. Such a consolidation period is great to ‘fill the battery’ (proverbially), and ready for the next leg higher.

Let’s emphasize this quote from that article: “That is how we read the chart of Nike. After a well-deserved pause of 2 years this stock is now ready to move (sharply) higher in 2018 and beyond.”

After some 2 months some readers got nervous, and challenged us with the question whether we were still convinced about our bullish call on Nike’s stock price for 2018. The answer we wrote was published in the public domain: Nike Is Making Its Way Higher In A Long Breakout Process, Still A Buy In 2018.

Right now, as broad markets become less volatile, and the consumer discretionary market segment shows relative strength, the sector to which Nike belongs, we re-iterate that “Nike is likely to go (much) higher in 2018 and that the breakout has been a long process which certainly not a bad thing, on the contrary.”

Nike’s long term chart says it all. Patience is what investors need, buy-and-hold is still a valid strategy for specific stocks and markets in 2018, Nike is one such play.

Today, we get the confirmation from the market. Nike’s stock price breaks out. This is a textbook setup: strong rally (until fall 2015), 2 year consolidation period in a cup-and-handle formation, shorter consolidation around the breakout level, followed by a firm breakout out of the consolidation range (today, annotated in green).

The message is simple: Nike breaks out, its stock price will go much higher in 2018!

nike stock price 2018

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