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It’s Official: National Bank Of Greece Breaks Out

We forecasted more than 2 months ago that the Greek stock market, and in particular the stocks of the National Bank of Greece, would do very well. That appears to be another spot-on forecast.

Right now, it is crystal clear from the National Bank of Greece’s stock chart that the breakout is confirmed. The stock trades at $0.424, and we recommended looking into it when it was trading $0.38, more than 10 percent below today’s price.

Visibly, this stock has a lot of upside potential. We see an easy ride to $1.00 in the coming 12 months.

The stock chart is truly amazing. After the very long consolidation pattern it is now confirmed that this stock is breaking out. How far can it rise? Well, theoretically, it can go up 20x, until the $10 where it started its gap. In reality, that seems to be not very realistic. So we look at the point where the real gap ended, and that is $1.20.

That is why a move to $1.00 seems realistic. From today’s levels it would be a 138% rise. From the level we recommended looking into this stock it would be a 189% rise.

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