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Cryptocurrencies On The Rise … Again

Cryptocurrencies had an amazing month of August and almost crashed in September. What we wrote during that last crash is that as long as the aggregate top cryptocurrencies chart remains in a rising channel there is no reason whatsoever to be concerned.

Interestingly, the low which was set in September was a higher low than the one in July. So technically the uptrend simply continues.

It is indeed not an easy thing to stay calm in very volatile markets, cryptocurrencies being the most extreme case of this. Readers who followed our advice in 10 Investment Tips For Cryptocurrencies Investing are way better off than most other crypto investors.

Moreover, in our exclusive and unique Blockchain Investing Research service we wrote the following (tip #10):

For significant gains, Buy the strong dips, offload at extreme peaks. Be patient, do not over trade. Carefully plan your entries are to mitigate risk and score the highest returns on investments.

So those are great tips for a very small amount (just 14.99 for the report which is full of crypto wisdom).

At the start of October what does the crypto chart looks like?

Well, interestingly, cryptocurrencies are on the rise … again. It has happened so many times: a steep rise followed by a wash out crash only to be followed by another rise.

The top 8 aggregate cryptocurrencies chart still looks very constructive. This is a typical bull market with strong peaks and sharp bottoms. A pattern of higher lows is an indicator of a bull market, simple as that.

For now, we believe that Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple and other top cryptocurrencies are still looking great.

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