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India Stock Bull Market Very Bullish As Nifty 50 Crosses 10,000 Points

The Nitfy 50 index representing the stock market in India crosses 10,000 points. It now trades at all-time highs, and is poised to go much higher in the 24 months ahead. No surprise, InvestingHaven‘s research team forecasted this strong bull market last year in several articles, one of which India Stock Market Outlook For 2017, and, last year April, It’s Official: India Stock Market Breakout Is For Real.

Based on thorough analysis we concluded that the Indian stock market was the Most Powerful Stock Bull Market Of 2017 And 2018. Interestingly, a couple of months ago, when we wrote that piece, hardly any financial website was bullish on India. They found plenty of ‘reasons’ to be bearish, and to believe that the all-time highs at that moment in time would not last. Nothing seemed further from the truth, and we continued to write about the powerful bull market we saw.

Meantime, financial media becomes bullish as well. That is correct, one year after we forecasted this bull market. This article points out how bullish the Indian stock market is, and even the WSJ is bullish Indian stocks. Any bear? No bears anymore!

Nifty 50 bullish or bearish?

We can and will be very short about the Nifty 50: it continues to look incredibly bullish, and all-time highs are a reason to be bullish, not bearish.

That does not necessarily imply that investors have to go all-in at this point. The recent rally is strong, and could be pausing somewhere. A smart strategy is to enter long positions in a phased approach: a first stake at current levels, a second stake at a price drop (whenever that may happen, nobody knows). Whatever the investment strategy, one things is clear: the Nifty 50 is bullish in 2017 and will continue to be so in 2018, without any doubt. We are convinced that calling this the most powerful stock bull market remains accurate.

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