Many investors aspire to be successful but it's not a lot of investors that are truly successful. You know as an investor that you are successfully investing once you have seen the compound effect kick into your portfolio. Many investors never reach this point, a minority get there, and an absolutely minority turn financial markets into a goldmine. As per Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles it is approx. 9% of investors that are really successful, and just 1% that are outrageously successful. Consequently, 90% of investors never get the stage of 'average' successful. The point is this - in order to be successful in investing you have to be counter intuitive. And that is the key reason why it's only 9% that achieve success in their investing career. Being counter intuitive does not mean that you have to be contrarian with your trades. It is something really different. Being counter intuitive really means that you act in a way that goes against your intuitive human reaction but also against regular practices that we know in day to day life. To illustrate this we wrote this piece 7 Secrets of Successful Investing The red line throughout this article is "being counter intuitive." Most articles that appear in this category SUCCESS highlight one or multiple ways to be counter intuitive.

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