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Bitcoin 2019 vs 2018: Spot The Difference

The price of Bitcoin in 2019 (BTC) is setting a beautiful series of higher lows. Rationally, this is great. Emotionally, though, people do not “feel” this because they are focused on the declines, not the rallies. This is because of perception and emotions when investing. Everyone is so used to bad press, declining prices, depressed mood, that the focus tends to shift to the bearish moments. Well we have news our 5 bullish cryptocurrency predictions are as valid as ever before, and we get every day again more confirmation that the crypto winter has ended. That’s how markets work and how investors’ minds work.

Investors’ psychology and emotions is one of the toughest things to get right. We said in our investing tips for long term investors that emotions are the number 1 enemy of every individual investor. Emotions, perception, psychology … it’s all part of the same source of failure:

In order to be a successful investor, you get in low. That is when ‘nobody’ talks about it. No emotions, no greed, no fear of missing out. As prices rise your profits become interesting enough to take profits off the table, and you feel good about it. If you recognize this ‘chain of emotions’ you know you are doing something fundamentally right as an investor.

The news has a bearish tone. Easy to check Bitcoin news here, and this Coindesk article is certainly a great illustration Bitcoin Price May Rise in March Despite Month’s Bearish Track Record.

That said, more importantly, arguably the only important thing, is the long term Bitcoin chart is helps identify trend changes. Tracking cryptocurrency with this crypto tracker helps understand relative strength.

Bitcoin 2019 chart: Spot the difference with 2018

Well we have news for you: there is a trend change visible on the long term chart. Why are most investors not able to spot it? For reasons outlined above, but also because you need the correct chart to spot it.

Most price charts are not able to get the view right until you see that you have to see as an investor.

Bitcoin in 2018 vs Bitcoin in 2019. The difference is blatantly clear, see below chart. The beautiful setup of higher lows is there in the last 3 months, starting Dec 2018. It is so easy to spot, see the red vs green areas on the chart (our annotations).

The combination with a very bearish sentiment is great. We like this a lot, it is the ultimate contrarian combination.

As said last month: the crypto winter has ended. Those who do not want to believe will find themselves chasing prices higher after Bitcoin has doubled or tripled. That’s how it mostly goes …

bitcoin 2019 difference

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