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Bitcoin Wants To Go Higher, Don’t Get In Its Way

The crypto market is working its way higher to meet our Bitcoin price forecast. We said to strongly believe in our price target of $25k even though it may not be 2019 in which this target is achieved. It seems more realistic to think in a range of 2 to 3 years from now. Fundamentally, our 5 cryptocurrency predictions are valid. Chart-wise, we get confirmation with each passing day that Bitcoin is in its 3d grand bull market. It is clear to us that Bitcoin aspires to go one and only one way: higher. That’s what we spotted a while ago in the long term Bitcoin chart and what we see now in the shorter term timeframe.

By far, the most interesting situation for any investor, regardless of the market, is once the charts on different timeframes start lining up.

That’s what we see in the crypto market now.

Bitcoin’s long term chart turned bullish already many months ago. The end of the crypto winter was near, and we saw that confirmation in February when we wrote Cryptocurrency Alert: The Crypto Winter Has Ended.

The similarities with the end of the previous crypto winter (January 2015) were striking. Sentiment was horrible while fundamental were improving. That’s a great combination.

What we see now is additional evidence: Bitcoin’s chart on the short term timeframe lines up with the pattern on the long term chart. Combine this with improving fundamentals and renewed interest of investors … and you end up with a great investing opportunity.

No, Bitcoin is not yet one of the TOP 3 investing opportunities of 2019.

Yes, Bitcoin is preparing itself to become one of the top opportunities of 2020 or 2021!

The chart embedded below says it all. The chart shows the bear market that started 16 months ago. It is one full month in which Bitcoin broke out of this bear market channel. This is a confirmation of the end of the bear market, the start of the new bull market. Soon we will start seeing the new uptrend channel which will help us determine new price targets. Cryptocurrency investing members will be the only ones to get them through exclusive email alerts, become a member now >>

bitcoin higher

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