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It’s Official: Ripple Breakout of 2018 Confirmed, Welcome New Bull Market

Ripple‘s bear market ended one day before the end of the summer of 2018. With a truly spectacular breakout which is so typical for Ripple it is clear that the bear market made place for a new bull market, likely a consolidation phase first. This Ripple breakout of 2018 is now confirmed. Welcome new Ripple bull market.

At InvestingHaven we try to be as unbiased as possible no matter how hard it may be from time to time. On December 31st 2017 when literally everyone was screaming to buy cryptocurrencies we said to become defensive against the tide. We were lonely voices when we wrote Ripple Rises 10-Fold In One Month. Cryptoccurencies Setting A Major Intermediate Top?

Today, almost 9 months later, we are on record calling the end of the bear market for Ripple! Note this is the opposite of what happened in December last year. At the depth of the cryptocurrency bear market in the first week of September 2018, when prices were at the lowest point in almost a year, we published this article 5 Reasons Why The Crypto Market Is Alive And Kicking In 2018. Because of these 5 facts we said to be convinced that the cryptocurrency bull market was still intact regardless how negative sentiment was and how deep prices had fallen:

  1. The birth of a totally new asset class
  2. Adoption is still very low
  3. Innovation is amazing
  4. The bear market in crypto prices results in a serious cleanup
  5. Bitcoin’s price remains in a long term bull market trend

Does anyone see any pattern here? Be contrarian: if everyone is super bullish dare to call a top and become defensive, when everyone runs to puke be bullish and call a major bottom.

Yes, that’s because of the 10 qualities of InvestingHaven’s research team one of them being disciplined to our method and the other one being as unbiased as possible (by means of using charts).

Ripple Spectacular Breakout of 2018

Yesterday we published Ripple: Another Breakout Attempt After The Most Important News Of 2018 in which we said:

Ripple is now back at the top if its bearish pattern. It did not become bullish yet, there is more work required and an improved sentiment. However, things may go fast, as always in crypto land. What we see is that Ripple is in the highest ‘band’ of this giant triangle formation. This is the second time it happens in 2018. Note that the previous breakout attempt in July of 2018 failed in the same week (see also our article linked above). It also did not get as close to the breakout area as the current attempt.

A small push to $0.35, and at least 5 consecutive days of trading above $0.35, would confirm a breakout!

Yes, we clearly said that things may go fast, as always with Ripple. And just 24h later there is this giant, spectacular breakout that confirms the end of the 8 month bear market!

The chart below says it all. A giant triangle pattern gets broken to the upside, and makes it straight away to the bottom of the first 4 months of 2018. This is a clear attempt to get out of the structural bottom which started in August of 2018 and marked the ‘puke phase of this bear market.

Welcome New Ripple Bull Market

Last week, September 10th, at the depth of Ripple’s bear market when it was trading $0.25, a price not seen since November 2017, we wrote this to premium crypto subscribers only in an exclusive email alert to them:

We have written this Ripple update as some readers reached out to us asking why Ripple is weak and has bad press. After hours of research we confirm our bullish long term stance and continue to believe that it deserves to hold our top spot among cryptocurrencies. Read the Ripple update here >>

What else did we write to premium crypto subscribers?

  • On January 27th 2018, we forecasted in an alert that day that the downturn would end around summer time. Yesterday was the one but last day of the summer.
  • On August 8th 2018, we warned premium crypto subscribers to be prepared for the ‘puke phase’. That was exactly when the breakdown started, before the lower prices were seen.
  • On September 10th 2018, we re-explained how a ‘puke phase’ works, what it does with an investor, and gave tips on how to stay strong and not give up on your positions, provided you have high value crypto in your portfolio like Ripple.

This is the type of (emotional/mental) coaching as well as forecasting we give to premium crypto subscribers of our crypto & blockchain investing research service, the first in its kind in the world. Everyting is stored in the alerts section after it is sent out by email. You also can become a member now and ride the grand crypto bull market >> 


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