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Why XRP Is The World’s Most Promising Cryptocurrency

We continue to see confirmations about our amazing investing thesis for XRP (XRP), the cryptocurrency that works on the decentralized and open source XRP Ledger that Ripple established a long time ago. This article will bring together fresh new data that underpin our thesis of Ripple’s XRP Being The Number One Blockchain Investment For 2019 And 2020, and will send XRP to our long standing price target of 20 USD as per our Ripple XRP Price Forecast (not in 2019, but more likely in 12 to 18 months from now). Moreover, as seen on the XRP chart included in this article, we continue to see an amazingly bullish pattern on XRP’s chart, as per our crypto investing tips. Note that we prepared a very long XRP analysis for our premium crypto members which will be sent out on Monday July 29th, 2019. It contains insigths nobody else has written before, and shares some investing ‘secrets’ about XRP investing. Subscribe to our crypto investing report to receive the crypto alert.

The point we will make in this article is about the asymmetric investing opportunity we see in XRP. This what we look for as part of our mission: Forecasting The 3 Top Opportunities Per Year Becomes InvestingHaven’s Mission. We apply the principles as defined in Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles in a disciplined way.

So what do we see in recent market data? Let’s start with the Ripple Q2 2019 market report.

The sales evolution of XRP revealed 2 crucially important insights:

  1. The number of XRP sales to investing institutions reached all-time highs. That’s perfectly in line with each and every crypto forecast we did in the last 18 months, especially the one in our 5 cryptocurrency predictions as well as our Ripple forecast.
  2. The number of total XRP sales reached all-time highs, even higher than in the first quarter of 2018 when XRP peaked at $4 (read: during the crypto mania phase).

These figures come from Ripple’s report, but the table with prior quarterly figures was released on XRP Community’s blog.

ripple xrp sales Q2 2019


What makes us equally excited is the escrow numbers that Ripple released.

The escrow procedure was fixed (and correctly communicated) by Ripple here on Dec 7, 2019: Ripple releases 3 billion XRP to itself during each quarter, uses this for both sales (institutional + retail) as well as transactions (clients + partners on the XRP Ledger). Whatever is not used from the 3 billion XRP will be put in a new escrow contract (for 55 months later).

What do we see in the escrow numbers? Ripple kept 900 million of this XRP for investment and sales, and placed the remaining 2.1 billion XRP back into an escrow contract.

This may not sound exciting, but the evolution is what makes this really (really) exciting. In the last 6 quarters we see a quarterly increase of the number of XRP used for sales and transactions.

So what?

This tells us two things: both the institutional sales is picking up as well as ADOPTION continues to rise. This is the best possible combination from an investment perspective! Not any other cryptocurrency has a similarly constructive evolution.

More specifically, based on the sales data, we can derive that some 200M XRP were used for adoption (transactions, trials, investments).

ripple xrp escrow Q2 2019


Additional proof of the growing adoption comes from Ripple’s market report which shows that xRapid (Ripple’s solution that utilizes XRP for settlement of cross-border payments) revealed that volumes had increased by 170% from Q1/2019. Moreover, the number of xRapid partners increased by 30% q-o-q.

Interested in more details like new Ripple partnerships, new Ripple clients, new adoption cases of XRP, positive trends in the regulatory environment? We are not going to repeat what was written elsewhere, so we refer to Ripple’s market report (lower part of the article) as well as the evidence summed up in this blog post (as of ‘other XRP market items’).

XRP is evolving exactly the way we predicted it.

XRP continues to confirm that it’s the most promising cryptocurrency investing opportunity.

XRP is our biggest best on the investing opportunity of our lifetime for those who missed the breath-taking run in Bitcoin.

Note that XRP’s chart continues to support all of the above. ‘The longer the base the higher in space’ is what we continue to see on XRP’s long term chart. As per our crypto investing tips this is amazingly bullish!

XRP long term chart 2019

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