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Our Dash Price Forecast for 2018

**Editor’s note, March 3rd 2018: We provided an updated price target for Dash Price of 3000 USD in our recent Dash price update for 2018.

InvestingHaven received many requests from readers to publish a Dash Price Forecast for 2018, especially after we have covered Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. The timing is interesting as well since last week, Dash reached the 1000 USD which is a major milestone for this cryptocurrency that was launched in 2014.

So what is next for Dash? More upside potential? A Dash price crash in 2018? Let’s deep-dive into that question.

In order to derive our Dash price forecast for 2018 we will base our perspective on the intrinsic value of Dash compared to other cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency sector as a whole and, most importantly, the price chart of Dash.

What is Dash and its value proposition

We have a positive stance on Dash at InvestingHaven for the following reasons:

  • It is a decentralized Anonymous Organization (DAO) structured in a way that allows them to count on both volunteer members as well as dedicated developers continuously working on the network through decentralized governance. For each block mined, 10% goes to funding the treasury.
  • Dash is built on C++, a reliable language with many proficient programmers so there is no shortage of talent.
  • The Dash ecosystem is structured in a way that splits the governance from the mining: Miners handle the creation of new blocks. Masternodes are in charge of governance and the execution of Dash payment services, Instasend and Privatesend.
  • Instantsend An extremely fast almost instant transactions at a much faster and lower cost than other cryptocurrencies especially relative to Bitcoin. Since Dash is initially the result of a Litecoin hard fork, it’s actually built on solid code similar to Bitcoin with a faster confirmation time and scalability like Litecoin.
  • Privatesend An interesting feature offered by Dash allowing users to make their transactions anonymously and non traceable as opposed to public transactions carried on the Blockchain Network. Anonymity is an important feature that was key to sending Monero and Zcash price to new heights and we saw the same happen with Ethereum when they announced Ethereum’s enhanced Anonimity.

The services offered by Dash, its ease of use and the further enhancements planned in their roadmap are important features that sets it apart from the competition especially as scalability issues and higher transaction costs arise with other altcoins.

On the longer term, it is the split of miners and Masternodes, along with the way Dash is structuring the funding of the treasury without relying on a 3rd party funding that we believe will keep the Dash community objective. This will ensure everyone has the necessary tools to do what’s right for the development of Dash, therefore taking Dash to the next level. In short, Dash is run as a business and that what makes is unique in a sense.

Our Dash Price Forecast 2018 is based on the Price Chart

Dash price chart looks great. The price recently broke out of a rectangle to make a strong upwards movement from 400 USD all the way to a 1000 USD. Dash price more than doubled in a matter of 5 weeks.

Dash price forecast 2018

The question now is what to expect after this strong move and reaching the 1000 USD mark. Tough question to answer because there are many factors at play.

As we can see from the chart below, there is a tight positive correlation between Dash price movement and Bitcoin. Except from very few instances, they tend to move in tandem. If Bitcoin continues on its pattern of reaching new all-time high, slight correction then another all-time high, we expect Dash to follow upwards as well.

The safest way for investors to potentially benefit from the uptrend is to try to score entries as close as possible to the 400 USD Breakout point which is the Key Dash price level to watch. Dash price is very bullish as long as it stays above this level.

Dash BTC Correlation

InvestingHaven’s Dash price forecast for 2018

Our Dash price forecast or 2018 is 1500 USD with a potential to reach 2000 USD provided the sector leader Bitcoin remains on its uptrend and Dash price remaining above 400 USD. We expect a price correction in the process of reaching 1500 USD where Dash might revisit the 400 USD (or almost) and this backtest has to succeed for the uptrend to continue.

As for Bitcoin, we believe the uptrend will likely continue. 2018 is the year where retail investors will be starting to get exposure to Cryptocurrencies in their portfolio. Just this week, Ameritrade announced offering the possibility to trade Bitcoin futures through its platform.

Dash has an edge because of the ease of use it has been working towards, the decentralized yet structured community they built, the anonymous feature they offer users and most important, the high scalablility, a key feature especially as other major cryptocurrencies are struggling with slower and more expensive transactions.


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