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Ripple: An Amazing Breakout On Ripple’s Price Chart In 2018

Ripple’s price chart shows a very important event: a breakout. In chart terms this is major news regardless whether financial media talk about this or not. InvestingHaven’s observation is simple: Ripple shows an amazing breakout which makes Ripple’s price chart bullish for 2018, or, even better, not bearish for the remainder of in 2018.

Loyal readers will vividly remember how we caught the top of the cryptomarket on December 31st when we wrote Ripple Rises 10-Fold In One Month. Cryptocurencies Setting A Major Intermediate Top?

We also were clear on this: it is an intermediate top in cryptocurrencies which may last many months, but we will see a comeback in the cryptomarket no matter how hard the crypto crash will be.

As expected there was a Ripple’s Flash Crash After It Peaked.

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Ripple’s price chart shows the breakout of 2018

As said, Ripple’s price chart shows a major breakout, we would categorize it as THE breakout of 2018.

This happens right at a time when the Crypto Market Breaks Out and InvestingHaven Flashes a Buy Alert.

What does this mean?

It means that both the crypto market and Ripple, one of the leading indicators, are becoming bullish.

We have explained in great detail to our premium subscribers what we expect will happen going forward, and which crypto stocks and cryptocurrencies to buy vs sell. We also made our position on Ripple very clear.

Here is a small secret: we are convinced this breakout on Ripple’s price chart is a very bullish in 2018 and beyond because of a totally different reason. Not one, literally not one, major financial media site is talking about Ripple right now. Feel free to check Bloomberg, Fortune, Telegraph, Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money, …  Remember how all these giant media outlets were super bullish on Ripple at the end of last year, right before the major top?

The only news article on Ripple is this one, which talks about a Facebook exec being hired by Ripple. That’s it.

How super-bullish can this be, from a contrarian perspective, combined with the 2018 breakout on Ripple’s price chart below.

Additionally, last year we published that 0.26 USD was the only price point on Ripple’s chart to watch. However, going forward, it is $0.45, as that’s the breakout level.

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ripple price chart 2018 breakout

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