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The Best Opportunities In The Markets: InvestingHaven’s Predictions Are Underway

InvestingHaven’s mission is to spot the TOP 3 investing opportunities per year. These are opportunities with multi-fold returns in 12 months. So far, 2019 looks very promising because the predictions made so far look on track. The top 3 opportunities of 2019 are the price of palladium (PALLADIUM), silver miners with First Majestic Silver (AG) as the top pick, cannabis stocks with Canopy Growth (WEED.TO) and arguably Aurora Cannabis (ACB.TO) as the top pick(s).

For full transparency we track our top investing opportunities on the page which is publicly available, hyperlink in the first sentence of the intro.

How comes there are TOP investing opportunities

Every year there is about 3 investing opportunities that have abnormal returns. InvestingHaven’s research team is keen on catching those TOP 3 investing opportunities of 2019.

This is all related to the asymmetric working of markets. Extreme returns on an extremely small number of markets, is the underlying dynamic. This is based on Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles, a variant on Pareto’s 80/20 rule which is much more applicable to how markets really work and how to profit from it.

The governing principle is that every year there is just 1% of markets that have 99% of returns.

How to spot TOP investing opportunities

The point about these TOP investing opportunities is that they follow a similar path. Mostly they rise in 3 phases: a steady rise, an acceleration, a parabolic rise which ends in a blow off top fashion.

  1. The first sign is to identify the right chart pattern(s). It is mandatory to be in the market during the acceleration phase so to catch the parabolic phase where the most profits are realized in a short period of time.
  2. The second point is to have a very disciplined exit strategy, and define this as soon as the parabolic phase starts. Why so early? Because EMOTIONS are your biggest enemy, and have the potential to destroy your account value. Your exit plan will avoid making you super excited and follow the herd, as per our 100 investing tips.

InvestingHaven’s research team analyzes a couple of thousands of manually annotated charts every month to spot the TOP investing opportunities.

Moreover, we want to think like the richest investors.

We strongly believe these are the prerequisites to have returns similar to top investors.

How are InvestingHaven’s predictions of 2019 doing

Extremely well. So far, it looks like we are hitting 3 out of 3 in 2019, though some confirmation is required.

Opportunity prediction (1) Palladium price

The price of palladium rose from the lower band to the upper band in its secular channel. The tactical channel in which it moves now did help with this.

Palladium’s price is poised to move to the top area of its secular channel. More details in this article, but palladium points to $2500 end of 2019: Palladium Prediction Of $5000 by 2020, Possible or Not?

palladium opportunity prediction

Opportunity prediction (2) Silver miners

Silver miners are in the process of breaking out. We just need a small push in the price of gold as well as the price of silver, so that our gold forecast and silver forecast get confirmed.

If this confirmation takes place we will know for sure that First Majestic Silver, our top silver miner, will rise 2-fold to 3-fold in a period of 3 to 9 months! It is now attempting to break out, but needs this additional push of 5% of precious metals prices.

silver miners opportunity prediction

Opportunity prediction (3) Cannabis stocks

The cannabis space looks awesome.

With an increasing number of countries and U.S. states legalizing cannabis, under strict conditions though which are defined by law, the cannabis stock space is explosive.

Sector leader Canopy Growth, arguably also Aurora Cannabis, have an explosive potential according to us. Watch the Canopy Growth chart which has a very similar setup as last years.

Every time is consolidates after setting a blow off top it sets the stage for much higher prices. Will this time be any different?

cannabis opportunity prediction

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