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Will The XRP Price Rise To 20 USD In 2020?

One of the questions we got repeatedly in recent weeks is whether we still believe the XRP price (XRP) will rise to 20 USD by 2020. There is a short and a long answer to this. The shortest possible answer: yes absolutely we are confident that the XRP price will rise to 20 USD. One small note to add: we are not convinced this XRP price forecast will materialize in 2020, but even if it happens in 2022 what’s the point? It remains one of the THE investments of this generation, both in terms of how accessible it is as well potential upside. All this is in line with our cryptocurrency predictions, with the exception of the specifics of the timeline, but then again who cares?

Even on Quora we see quite some interest in this question whether the XRP price will reach 20 USD in 2020. This specific question here was whether XRP was on track to reach 20 USD by 2019.

Regardless, we see one common theme that these questions have in common: greed.

It is not understandable how lightly people talk about investments going up 50-fold. As if it’s nothing, as if it’s like opening a can of Coke.

Moreover, what we see is that at a minimum 90% of crypto investors will not get the maximum out of this investing opportunity.

That’s why we believe it is important to cover the above three topics in this post: why do we believe the XRP will rise to 20 USD by 2020 or somehow later, both from a fundamental as well as a chart perspective, and how to get the maximum out of the upside potential.

Why The XRP Price Will Rise To 20 USD: Crypto Fundamentals

There is a fundamental answer and a chart based answer to this question.

First, the fundamentals.

The crypto bull market #3 is a fact. That’s it! Got it?

It’s the only thing that matters fundamentally.

Crypto is an asset class. Bitcoin goes up, the altcoin world goes up, not at an equal pace. Bitcoin goes down, the altcoins go down.

Simple math, the simplest possible math!

And the new crypto bull market started because this is by far the most important ‘blue ocean’ we see out there for the next decade. The number of use cases that can be developed is beyond the imagination of most of us. It is amazing, most simply don’t see and understand it.

The outlook for blockchain and crypto as technologies is breath taking, and we just got started. This warming up fundamentally makes us convinced that we just got started in terms of valuation.

When it comes to Ripple and XRP specifically we really are not going to repeat ourselves here. We have said it so many times that we feel we sound like a broken record, but Ripple is the one crypto company that delivers MOST value right now and in the foreseeable future. All of these articles are still valid, actual and spot-on:

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Why The XRP Price Will Rise To 20 USD: The Chart Perspective

Then, the chart perspective.

On XRP we said many times it is a laggard. It means it will start rising AFTER most others have risen. This brings some mental stress and disbelief … until ‘it’ happens of course.

As shown in the our post Ripple’s XRP: the Longer the Base, the Higher in Space the natural way in which XRP tends to move is to form long bases with some peaks which come down again. Only exceptionally does a breakout occur, but then XRP goes up ‘ultra fast’.

The easiest way to illustrate this is to take the long term XRP chart and put it below the BTC chart (BTC) on the same time frame. That’s what we do below.

Pay special attention to 2015: BTC almost tripled bottom to top in that year, while XRP continued falling within its base formation.

xrp price by 2020btc price by 2020

How To Get The Maximum Out Of XRP’s Upside Potential?

The next question is how to be prepared?

If you decide to take positions in a high quality play that you know upfront is a laggard you must be able to live with this.

Imagine being an XRP holder in 2015. Pretty sure 95% of them sold as they saw BTC going up. Yes that’s when XRP was trading at $0.004, you read this correctly.

If someone would ask you today: would you like some 100k of XRP at a price of $0.004? You would say YES because of which reason? Because there is value in XRP or because of another reason?

It’s really simple:

  • Either you can live with XRP being a laggard. If yes, you must accept that it may go on for 6 months, maybe even 2 years. Prepared and willing or not?
  • Either you cannot live with the current situation in which case you may leave some serious gains on the table, similar to 2015.

Patience on high value-add cryptocurrencies is the one and only thing. This of course assumes that you are able to differentiate high value from low value, and that you differentiate investor-relevant info from irrelevant info (like non-sense about market cap, cryptos in escrow, and the likes).

And that’s the core problem: crypto investors have no patience. It’s the lack of patience, which leads to trading more often and leaving so much profits on the table which kills at a minimum 95%, if not 99%, of crypto investors.

What we wrote a while ago is the one and only best piece of advice Ripple XRP Very Resilient But Investors May Have Less Patience

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