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Breaking News: Great Stock Bull Market Resumes In 2018

This is breaking news, and, obviously, you will not hear it from financial mainstream media but you will get it from InvestingHaven’s research team. The great stock bull market did not end in 2018, on the contrary, it resumes its ride higher in 2018. Make no mistake, this has * major * implications for any market, first and foremost broad stock markets but also sectors like cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks, this is why!

In general, there are 2 ways to be profitable when investing. One is to buy low which is Why Investors Should Love Market Crashes (read our article to find out how to make money from a crash). The other way is to hold strong in great bull markets.

Why the great stock bull market continues in 2018

Although many have called for the end of the great stock bull market, when prices became volatile in January of 2018, we have been skeptic and continued to research our leading indicators in our method. We did find out, and reported in the public domain, the following:

Amazing but True: ‘Risk On’ Indicator Turning Bullish, Good For Stocks (early March 2018)

Another Important Chart Pointing Towards Risk on for Investors (February 2018)

Both articles were written right after the strong retracement at the end of January, when everyone was shaking. Yes, by having a solid method with leading indicators, and stay disciplined to your method, you are able to disregard financial news in financial media which is only meant to shake you out of your positions. At InvestingHaven, we bring the truly valuable and relevant news, and it is always factual and chart based!

That said, our leading indicator, as said many times, for instance in The Most Important Chart Of This Decade: Are Yields Signaling A 2008-Alike Scenario,  is 20 year yields. The first chart below shows the structure in which it moves, and that is always has signaled a major stock market top once it tested its long term resistance trendline.

However, this time seems to be different, which is something that occurs only very exceptional.

Yields are breaking out, not only from their 12-year chart but also from their 40 year chart! This is major and breaking news, do not underestimate what is happening right here right now in front of (y)our eyes.

The stock market indicator associated with 20 year Yields is the Russell 2000 index (RUT), the best gauge for risk among stock indexes. Look what its chart does: a series of higher lows, and now the test of previous highs. This indicator is less than 2 percent away from a final and official confirmation that the great stock bull market resumes in 2018.

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What this means for cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks?

One of our favorite sectors is blockchain stocks, and, related to this, cryptocurrencies. InvestingHaven’s research team has a proven track record of forecasting cryptocurrencies prices. Not only were we the first in the world to make Ethereum and Bitcoin price forecasts, also did they materialize exactly in the way we forecasted!

The blockchain stock sector, although it has done amazingly well in the second half of last year, is also full of traps and scams. Read The Risks Associated With Some Blockchain Stocks

Blockchain stocks, as well as cryptocurrencies, are very cyclical in nature. It means they go up and down, and as long as their sell off comes in at a higher level than the previous highs, it is in a great bull market.

As long as broad stock markets are in an uptrend, a great bull market, crypto and blockchain stocks will also start their next uptrend any time soon. That is because they need a ‘risk on’ environment to thrive.

Now is the time to get into cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks.

We have developed a methodology to identify future outpeforming blockchain stocks. This sector is very young, it will grow tremendously. Getting into the future outperformers, and holding them strong for the long term, is like buying telco stocks in the early 90ies or computer stocks at the end of the 80ies or Amazon in the mid 90ies.

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