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Waiting For The Next Profitable Trend In Markets In 2017

It is getting boring in markets. That is mostly very challenging for the vast majority of investors because most of us suffer from ‘action addiction’. With that, we mean that there is a strong seduction to get into a trade, even if there are no strong reasons to do so.

That is how markets work: they seduce you to do the wrong thing as opposed to stick to your own methodology. Patience can be the most profitable action sometimes, though that is very hard to accomplish.

Generally speaking, there are 5 moments in the year when investors in global markets can get * really * excited. That is an average, not a hard number. It is an insight based on empirical evidence.

In 2017 we have seen 3 exciting trends so far:

  1. U.S. and European stocks in the first months of the year. This is what we forecasted last year: Market Outlook 2017 According To Our Proprietary Indicators (November 2016)
  2. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks since April of this year. This is what we forecasted last year: Bitcoin Stocks Go Ballistic As Bitcoin Price At All-Time Highs (February 2017)
  3. Emerging markets, with a focus on the Indian stock market, Chinese internet stocks, the Taiwan and South Korean stock markets. This is what we forecasted last year: India Stock Market Outlook For 2017 (November 2016)

So that is already quite some profitable trends this year. Investors following InvestingHaven should be very happy as we have forecasted all this in time. We have given free advice, with much better than 90% of paid subscriptions on other financial sites.

But what is next? Stated differently, which will be the 2 most profitable trends of the second half of 2017?

We will provide an overview of potential bull market trends in the second half of 2017:

  • We believe gold and silver will correct in months. If that will take place, we see a very profitable entry point arising especially in silver, late this year. The condition: silver should break down in the coming weeks.
  • Emerging markets will outperform the rest of the world, especially Indian stocks.
  • Commodities will be neutral at best, some commodities can be shorted, though this is risky business.
  • In currency land, there is a fair chance that the Japanese Yen could do very well the coming months. Watch what happens around 90 points.
  • Blockchain stocks are a buy on any dip.
  • Avoid base metals as we hold a Bearish Base Metals Forecast For 2017.
  • Uranium can go both directions. It bears watching. Hard to make a forecast at this point, but it becomes bullish once Uranium Stocks (URA) crosses $15.
  • Greece is likely to continue its recently started (tactical) bull market, with the National Bank Of Greece a potential outperformer.

With that, readers know what we are watching. There is fair chance that the 2 hottest trends of the coming 6 months are among the ones listed above.

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