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5 Hot Gold Mining Stock Leaders For 2017 or 2018

So far, we get sufficient signs that our Gold Price Forecast For 2017 remains bearish, at least for the first period of 2017. Our most bearish target is 890 USD later this year. If this comes true, it implies that gold miners are not a buy at this point, but will be later this year or next year.

At a certain point in time, gold will turn again into a loved asset. In other words, the current long term bear market will turn into a bull market. That moment is, according to Investing Haven’s research team, not now. The trend change will be there, as bear markets beget bull markets and vice versa.

The trick is to prepare a shortlist of positions for once that important trend change takes place. That is how smart investors plan ahead.

We worte last week Gold Miners About To Undergo A Very Important Test. Current prices are an important level for gold miners. A sustained breakout from the falling bear market channel would be hugely bullish. But we are not there yet, and gold is still in a falling market. We remain bearish with our Gold Miners Forecast for 2017 until proven otherwise.

However, investors are closely watching the gold mining stocks in order to identify the sector leaders, as those are the ones that investors want to have in their portfolio once the tide turns. Below are 5 hot and great looking gold mining stocks that should be on everyone’s watchlist.

Richmont Mines is an incredibly enticing gold mining stock. In 3 years time, it became a tenbagger. This should be one of the top gold mining stocks on every investor’s shorthlist. The stock got ahead of itself, so we believe a lower entry point in combination with a bottom in gold would be a great setup for a buy signal.


Klondex Mines is another great gold mining stock. It also got ahead of itself last year, and it moved outside its rising channel. This does not seem an appropriate time to buy, so waiting and watching for a lower higher within the trend channel is recommended.

First Majestic Silver is a pure play silver miner. It reacted amazingly well last year, and fell back some 60% since last summer. Once silver turns into a bull market, this stock will be an outperformer. A lower entry point would be a great buy.

Mid-tier Detour Gold looks very constructive. The key question is whether this gold mining stock will break support once gold goes lower this year (if our gold price forecast comes true). So this stock bears watching especially its trendlines.

Lastly, junior gold miner Integra Gold is performing very well. It is close to all-time highs. A bit patience for a lower entry point is recommended.

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