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Bitcoin & Crypto: Bear Market Officially Ends Today, Bull Market Officially Starts Today

The new bull market in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC) officially starts today, April 2nd 2019. The violent bear market in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin officially ends today. This is a monumental day. InvestingHaven followers were the first to be informed. In our 5 cryptocurrency predictions many months ago we said to be convinced the bull market would resume early 2019. Similarly, we stood strong on our Bitcoin forecast as well as Ripple forecast and Bitcoin long term chart is bullish piece. In February we already alerted followers Crypto Winter Has Ended.

Bitcoin: end of the bear market

As per our 50 cryptocurrency investing tips:

Tip # 49: By far the most important tip of our long overview is that ‘bear markets beget bull markets‘. It is at the depth of the cryptocurrency bear market that all sellers leave, which makes place for a market to consolidate and set the basis to turn into a future bull market.

The big problem with bear markets is that the human mind is continuously confronted with red figures, for a long time period. The human mind gets used to it, and because of the power of repetition (which is how our mind works) we believe red figures is the norm or the reality.

Nothing is further from the truth.

The higher the level of consensus the stonger the probability that the opposite will happen.

That’s why we said repetitively to be prudent with all this, and that our forecast was a bullish outcome!

As a sneak preview this is what premium crypto subscribers to our blockchain and crypto investing research service got from InvestingHaven’s research team on March 7th, 2019:

We would argue the chances are high that ‘this time will be different’ and that Bitcoin may break out of its bear market channel. Why do we think so?

  1. The consensus is that Bitcoin goes lower. Even many of OUR members did not believe us when we said that the crypto winter has ended. The pain because of this bear market is so big that hardly anyone believes there will be a bull market anytime soon. This belief is reinforced by bearish financial media + social media, and we picked out some great illustrations of this in Bitcoin’s Long Term Chart is Bullish article. When the consensus is bearish the market goes bullish.
  2. Other than the contrarian sentiment point outlined above we also see a strong similarity with the 2014/2015 time period when Bitcoin recovered in a very similar fashion. Note that Bitcoin has a track record of following perfectly chart patterns in a consistent and concise way.

So the sentiment argument combined with chart pattern and similarity with the previous bear market are strong enough for us to believe that another drop to $2,000 will not take place.

We explicitly referred to the similarities with the previous mega bull and bear market in the 2013 to 2015 time period. The analogy was striking, both from a chart as well as sentiment perspective. These signs become clear after thorough research which is what InvestingHaven’s research team does for its followers and premium members.

This type of analysis pays off. Today is the proof. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies ended the crypto winter, and InvestingHaven’s research team flashes an aggressive buy alert after 15 months! You too can have access to this by simply signing up for the blockchain and cryptocurrency investing service.

Bitcoin’s awesome chart: start of the bull market

It’s the first time we publish this particular chart with these annotations in the public domain. Members of the crypto investing research service have seen this chart at a minimum 20 times in the past 9 months.

This is what we wrote in the restricted research area recently:

Don’t spend hours reading articles on the web about crypto as you really need one and only one chart at this point in time: the Bitcoin chart with the trend channel outlined below. Did you anyone see the exact channel anywhere? We did not. It means that hardly anyone sees the really dominant trend in the whole crypto market!

Indeed, it proved to be the dominant trend.

Because of this we flash an aggressive buy alert on select cryptocurrencies. Get access now >>

bitcoin start bull market

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