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Stellar Lumens Rises, Briefly Becomes The 5th Largest Cryptocurrency

Another spectacular rise today in crypto land. After Ripple (XRP) it is now Stellar Lumens (XLM) is on the rise with an impressive rise of 20%. It briefly became the 5th largest cryptocurrency in the world, bypassing EOS. What’s next for Stellar Lumens? Want to know more? Read our new and revised Stellar Lumens Price Forecast 2019 (published end of Dec).

Below is the proof of Stellar Lumens being the 5th largest cryptocurrency. Note, however, it did not stay there for a very long time. The source of this screenshot: a unique indicator which measures market cap changes, and it is exclusive to our premium crypto subscribers (become a member here and get access to a wealth of crypto and blockchain investing insights).

In August of 2018, at the depth of the crypto bear market, we wote Stellar Lumens Crypto Crash: Buy Or Sell. We said: “Is there a reason to sell Stellar Lumens? No Is there a reason to buy Stellar Lumens? Potentially, we look at our leading indicators in order to answer this question. Note: details on our leading indicators are available to premium subscribers of our blockchain & crypto investing service.

Moreover, all premium crypto subscribers got a very clear answer whether Stellar Lumens Still On Track To Become A Ten-Bagger In 2018.

In May of 2017, a year and a half ago, we wrote the following in our article 10 Investment Tips For Cryptocurrencies Investing:

One of the sweet spots that cryptocurrencies can enable as a problem solver is to provide access to money and basic banking functions like wiring and paying. A fact that is unknown is that a huge amount of people globally do NOT have access to to these traditional banking services. We consider that Stellar Lumens, symbol XLM, is such an enabler. At the moment of writing, Stellar Lumens trades at $0.05. Read on Fortune.com why Stellar has a disruptive potential, especially in the underdeveloped part of the world, and is worth a cryptocurrency investment.

The problem that many crypto investors are facing, and we know this first hand because we are in touch with many, is that they tend to buy and sell way too often. Crypto returns may look astronomical, but the number of crypto investors really materializing them is very low.

The more volatile a market the less trades. Crypto market are ultra volatile so in order to be successful (read: maximize returns) there should not be more than 2 or 3 trades per year. As counter intuitive as it may sound it is the magic success formula. It is Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles ‘on steroids’.

Below is a screenshot from the unique indicator that premium crypto subscribers have access to. It was taken around 6am Eastern Time. Our 2019 forecast is that Stellar Lumens will pass EOS significantly.

stellar lumens 5th largest cryptocurrency

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