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XRP Triggers Officially A Buy Signal

The crypto winter officially ended today, April 2nd 2019. We welcome the new bull market in cryptocurrencies which was one of our cryptocurrency predictions many months ago. On December 31st 2017 XRP officially flashed a sell signal: at a time everyone was buying like crazy we went against the tide and published even in the public domain the sell alert. Today, as the new crypto bull market officially starts, XRP flashes a buy signal. As the whole world is as skeptical as possible about XRP (XRP) and crypto we are on record stating that our Ripple 20 USD forecasted price is underway, and at that time XRP will be the largest cryptocurrency. Sound incredible? That’s how it typically sounds at a major bottom when bearish sentiment is peaking.

Note that we stand strong on all predictions InvestingHaven’s research team made in the last 18 months. The major top on Dec 31st 2017, the first buy alert in April/May 2018 which appeared to be just a bit too early, the assessment of the breakdown in November 2018, as well as the subsequent forecast that the bull market would resume with a delay of 9 months.

We fully back all of our forecasts, predictions and analysis, no matter how hard to believe some of them were. Especially our XRP predictions were read by many with disbelief. The reason being that there is negative press and negative sentiment around XRP and Ripple.

InvestingHaven is on record today calling for a major move in XRP in the next 18 months. All nay-sayers will be proven horribly wrong, and we will indicate why.

XRP Buy Signal Officially Triggered: Bearish Sentiment Peaks

As unrealistic as it may sound InvestingHaven’s research team becomes amazingly bullish when it reads articles like the one that appeared last month on Forbes: Is Ripple a scam?

The more negative press the better, provided there is a strong fundamental case.

This is one simple trick to assess any criticism on Ripple or XRP, which we shared in our Ripple and XRP FAQ in the restricted area of the blockchain investing research section:

This is the rule of thumb that you may use: if at a minimum the one time the writer uses the word ADOPTION then there is reason to be concerned. If not, it’s worthless at best, and destructive for your portfolio at worst. Go back to this article we wrote Ripple Price Forecast For 2019 and study the chart in the “Why our Ripple price forecast for 2019 (XRP) is ultra-bullish” section. You see that Ripple is focused on creating network effects now. That’s the smartest thing they can do, and it’s based on ADOPTION.

How many times did you find a reference to “adoption” in the Forbes article? Exactly, none. The only thing that the author mentioned was that Western Union did not continue with Ripple after a trial period. The author ignored the 2 to 3 new customers that Ripple is signing up per week, up from 1 on average a year ago.

So then why is it good to get bad press, there may also be some truth to it?

Indeed, that’s true, but not in the way we laid it out above.

The underlying rationale is simple: when there is consensus on a certain direction of a stock, market or cryptocurrency, the opposite is likely going to happen.

Moreover, from a leading indicator perspective, fundamental and sentiment are lagging indicators. Some charts, an absolute minority as per Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles, are leading indicators.

InvestingHaven’s research team enjoys the bad press that Ripple and XRP are facing because it will help realize our forecast. Bad press amid a fundamental case combined with the chart that becomes stronger with the day is a great combination, and it is the basis for our proprietary methodology!

XRP Buy Signal Officially Triggered: The Visionary Technology

The technology of Ripple is visionary. We can repeat ourselves, which we will not do, but will refer to previous work which explains why and how Ripple has a visionary technology:

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You got the point, right. Ripple is the only cryptocurrency with such a long list of proven successes. The technology is great, the vision is revolutionary and disruptive, the use cases are awesome.

Ripple can do things with its technology stack that nobody else can realize!

XRP Buy Signal Officially Triggered: Its Chart Bottoms

Ripple’s XRP price chart is absolutely gorgeous!

It is setting a higher low against summer 2018 as well as December 2018. We wrote many months ago “We absolutely need to see the $0.27 to $0.30 area provide maximum support”.

Today, April 2nd 2019, the crypto bear market officially ended. The new crypto bull market will send XRP to our forecasted price target of 20 USD, likely not in 2019 but in 2020!

Why do we think so?

Very simple, because not one time did XRP break below support during the crypto winter. It did stay strongly above the previous highs of 2015 / 2016 / 2017. This is an incredibly powerful signal, and it confirms the buy signal for sure when combined with the lagging sentiment indicator and strong fundamental indicator.

We can’t help to accept the buy signal that XRP flashes today.

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