Tag: 2018 Forecasts

This page features all articles written by InvestingHaven’s research team with 2018 forecasts on different markets: a gold price forecast for 2018, where are stock markets headed in 2018, emerging stock markets in 2018 with specific focus on the India stock market in 2018 and Chinese markets, 2018 forecasts for the dollar and other currencies. In analyzing the outlook for different markets, we start our analysis with intermarket dynamics and try to identify the primary market trends, which is how our methodology is set up.

According to our analysis, we believe that the stock market in the U.S. could seriously correct at a certain point in 2018. This would result in a rotation of capital from U.S. stocks into emerging market stocks. Moreover, we start seeing the first signs of potential inflation coming up which, if that comes true, would favor commodities and currencies of commodity driven markets like Australia. However, the inflation trend is not validated yet, so investors better be careful going all in commodities.

The hottest 2018 forecast is the blockchain and crypto space, as well as a select number of cannabis segments.