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The Most Beautiful Cryptocurrency Chart Of 2019

This article features the most beautiful cryptocurrency chart of 2019: Bitcoin’s BULLISH long term chart. One chart which has lots of crucial insights for investors one of them being the confirmation of the end of the crypto winter! InvestingHaven followers saw this coming as we were on record calling for a new crypto bull market already 9 months ago when we published our 5 cryptocurrency predictions for 2019. Look at the most beautiful cryptocurrency chart of 2019, enjoy the conclusions!

As a group of forecasters InvestingHaven’s research team does literally everything to ensure the best possible quality of their forecasts. We really take a lot of time to investigate markets or assets. Even if our cryptocurrency forecasts may sound ultra bullish, which they are, they are all the result of lots of research.

Understandably, when we see a confirmation of the new crypto bull market we are extremely pleased. That’s because it becomes clear that our Ripple price forecast (XRP), Bitcoin forecast (BTC) as well as Stellar Lumens price forecast (XLM) are underway.

As said many times it is not the cryptocurrency news that matters. It is the combination of thorough chart analysis combined with fundamental analysis that leads for great cryptocurrency forecasts. More investing tips in our cryptocurrency investing guide for 2019 and beyond 2020.

The Crypto Bull Market Officially Started on April 2nd, 2019

Talking about cryptocurrency predictions it is important to distinguish the forecast from the official confirmation.

In September last year we were on record with our first bullish forecast. We identified too many strength in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market which led us to conclude the next crypto bull market would start in 2019.

On February 24th there were plenty of signs that the next crypto bull market would start sooner rather than later.

On April 2nd, 2019, there was finally the confirmation with Bitcoin giant breakout. That’s when we published Bitcoin & Crypto: Bear Market Officially Ends Today, Bull Market Officially Starts Today.

The interesting part is the importance of distinguishing forecast from confirmation, and adapt positions accordingly.

This is a very difficult concept based on the messages and questions we received this week from readers. A forecast reflects a high probability outcome while a confirmation is the ultimate proof that the forecast was right.

Positions should reflect this as well: accumulation during the period in which  a forecast is still valid, and the ‘cherish on the cake’ with a last aggressive purchase when the confirmation is there.

That’s how smart investors play trends. It is a process, not a point in time.

This is how Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles come to live:

  • 1 pct of the days in a year investors should be taking positions. This is 3 days a year.
  • 99 pct of the days in a year investors should be monitoring their investing thesis and preparing positions. This is 363 days a year.

Investors who applied this principle took positions in February, March and on April 2nd. That’s it for this year, it really is.

The Most Beautiful Cryptocurrency Chart Of 2019

By far the most important key success factor to spot major tops and bottoms in the crypto market is to focus on the leading indicator which is Bitcoin. That’s the reason why we kept on focusing on Bitcoin’s chart in the last 15 months, and premium crypto members got weekly updates on what we read in Bitcoin’s chart and what it meant for the whole crypto market and our top 10 cryptocurrencies selection.

The key message of Bitcoin’s long term chart is that it has completed 2 bull markets and 2 bear markets (crypto winters). It CONFIRMED ON APRIL 2nd to transition from a bear market into a consolidation and its next bull market. This is similar to the situation in Jan 2015, see yellow circles in 2015 and 2019.

What’s next for Bitcoin? We wrote a very thorough update yesterday in our cryptocurrency investing research service (get instant access after signing up)! In essence, without revealing the details, we expect a series of higher lows but there are some bears on the road. It is imperative to continuously monitor this market, and identify where it may go wrong with bear market traps.

Alert: the new crypto bull market started on April 2nd, 2019. The proof is visible on the most beautiful cryptocurrency chart of 2019. Our bullish forecasts are underway: #XRP to 20 USD, #BTC to $24k and #XLM to $4 in 24 months.… Click To Tweet

The long term Bitcoin chart outlined below makes our point. Note this is a similar chart as the one in Bitcoin’s Breathtaking Historical Price Chart. Readers should focus on the 2 yellow circles which we highlighted many months ago. As seen, the breakout is striking.

It is at this point in time that positions should be taken, even a couple of months ago. It is not too late.

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